Support- and hinged handle

Upholstered hinged handle with paper roll holder and radio control

If something works, then maybe more is possible. This folding handle also functions as a paper roll holder with a practical paper stopper.

- Foam-sealed stainless steel tube (d = 38 mm)

- Hygienic, poreless cushion

- Stable 6-hole mount



Nosing: 700 mmNosing:
700 mm
Article Number:
L30447201 left, white
Article Number:
L30447206 left, anthracite
Article Number:
L30447101 right, white
Article Number:
L30447106 right, anthracite
Nosing: 850 mmNosing:
850 mm
Article Number:
L30448201 left, white
Article Number:
L30448206 left, anthracite
Article Number:
L30448101 right, white
Article Number:
L30448106 right, anthracite