Shower handrail

Shower handrail with attached shower head rail

An optional shower head holder is available for this shower handrail.

Please note that the version "Vertical support with textured surface" is only suitable for shower supports.



Dim.: 764,5 x 764,5 x 1200 mm Shower-head-rail Smooth-polishedDim.:
764,5 x 764,5 x 1200 mm Shower-head-rail Smooth-polished
Article Number:
L1024522 left / Fingergrip polished
Article Number:
L1024521 left / Smooth polished
Article Number:
L1024524 left / Matt brushed
Article Number:
L1024512 right / Fingergrip polished
Article Number:
L1024511 right / Smooth polished
Article Number:
L1024514 right / Matt brushed