Support- and hinged handle

U-shaped hinged handle – floor monted

A further version of the folding rail which in this design, combines maximum stability with the maximum possible floor freedom. It is put to use when there is nowhere to fasten it to the wall.

4-hole fastening plate for floor mounting: 140 x 200 x 6 mm



Nosing: 550 mmNosing:
550 mm
Article Number:
L1061402 - Fingergrip polished
Article Number:
L1061401 - Smooth polished
Article Number:
L1061404 - Matt brushed
Nosing: 800 mmNosing:
800 mm
Article Number:
L1061302 - Fingergrip polished
Article Number:
L1061301 - Smooth polished
Article Number:
L1061304 - Matt brushed