Product Development

Product Development

Well Developed

More and more frequently our customers use our team's know-how for optimization of  components or designs. Trained 3D design engineers work at state-of-the-art CAD workstations with direct data link to production. Our short and efficient processes quickly lead to initial estimates of how to best achieve the desired results.

When requested by our customers, we also check savings potentials: As a rule production costs can be reduced considerably by optimizing processing, revising design drawings or using alternative materials. Here we offer our specific know-how or simply provide "a view from a different perspective“.

Well built – Prototypes and approval samples

Sometimes it just has to be 1 : 1. Many things become apparent only when you hold the material in your hand in the form of a sample. Things that looked convincing on the monitor, frequently show weaknesses in reality – and there are almost always possibilities for optimization and improving quality. In most cases an approval sample prepares the way to mass production.

For special types of loads we use our alternating load test bench, which allows us to simulate different types of loads and requirements for further optimization of a design.

Our standard

Technical clean solutions to market driven prices.

Our service goal: Flexibility and adherence to schedules