Data and Facts

Data and Facts

Production Processes and Services

CNC sawing, bending, edging, rolling, machining, punching and stamping

Cutting and Punching 
Shears (max. t = 10 mm)
Punches (max. 80 tons)
Saws (up to max. dia. of 325 mm)
Laser cutting (20 mm steel, 12mm stainless steel, 8 mm aluminum
            Additional Y-axis for small parts)
Flow drilling, thread forming (max. dia. 12 mm)

Bending (max. 110 tons, 8 mm stainless steel)
Sheet metal bending with CNC roller
                (max. L = 2.0 m, min. dia. 190 mm, t = 4 mm)
Cold rolling (max. t = 15 mm flat, max. dia. 60.3 mm)
Embossing and pressing (max. 80 tons)

CNC contour, groove and flat milling

Joining techniques
TIG welding: Stainless steel, aluminum
MIG/MAG welding: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Electrode welding: Steel, stainless steel
Stud welding: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Riveting and bolting
Gluing (2-component, UV + sealing adhesive)

Surface finishing
Spray pickling, surface and hollow cavity pickling, manual pickling 
(pickling room with closed water treatment circuit)
Grinding, brushing
Manual mirror finish polishing
Vibratory finishing (troweling) up to approx. 120 kg
Shot blasting (0 – 500 my)
Coating and painting

Our automatic circular saws allow us to cut channels with diameters up to 150 mm. Bars with lengths up to 12 meters are possible. Automatic feed for right-angle cuts provides for economical and rapid processing of mass-produced parts.

Our standard

Technical clean solutions to market driven prices.

Our service goal: Flexibility and adherence to schedules