Highly Skilled Personnel for Greater Value

Our highly skilled personnel is prepared to meet all demands, from basic skills such as manual welding or polishing to CNC sawing, bending, edging, rolling and machining: 30 years of experience, complete familiarization with all common processes as well as a versatile machine and equipment pool guarantee first-class processing and top quality components.

The experience and know-how of the entire team counts: Important details for your product, such as tolerances or surface characteristics, are an integral part of our production processes leading to reliable results.

Accuracy to the Finest Degree

Whether conventional lasers or state-of-the-art precision lasers are used: The initial cutting process is decisive for the final result. CNC machines ensure precision fit and dimensional accuracy to the finest degree as well as efficient production of the semi-finished parts.

Use of highest quality laser parts ensures the customary high requirements for final users here as well. The cutting capacity of our production facilities ranges from material thicknesses of 0.7 to 20 mm Here the production rates and tolerances are adapted to the quality requirements of our customers to achieve the most efficient results in each specific case.

Our standard

Technical clean solutions to market driven prices.

Our service goal: Flexibility and adherence to schedules