We Guarantee Stable Connections

A good weld seam is the signature of the craftsman. It ensures stable and durable connections: Our welders are all certified in compliance with DIN 287 working at state-of-the-art welding stations and workplaces, many with automatic control for longitudinal and circumferential welding. TIG, MIG/MAG, magnetic pulse and force arc welding are all part of their daily work.

We use the following welding processing in production:

  • 111 Manual arc welding
  • 141 TIG welding (280 A)
  • 131/135 MIG/MAG welding (400 A, pulse and ForceArc)
  • Automatic circumferential and longitudinal welding
  • Spot welding
  • Automatic stud welding

Our standard

Technical clean solutions to market driven prices.

Our service goal: Flexibility and adherence to schedules