We are Quality Fanatics

Competency has to be acquired: For nearly fifty years our company has produced high quality aluminum, stainless steel and steel products. With these materials we satisfy the highest demands for dimensional accuracy, stability, feel and appearance.

Mass production of our own products for barrier-free baths has made us very familiar with the high requirements placed on therapeutic aids. Naturally the process reliability we have achieved in this field is also a great advantage for our customers in the industrial sector.

Our 30 qualified specialists stand for uncompromising quality and guarantee solid designs – if desired with OEM quality surface finish.

One of our company's principles is to offer continuous courses for initial and advanced training of all our employees. This results in the majority of our skilled personnel coming from promotion of our own employees. At an early stage our trainees also learn the principles of quality control: They are trained externally to familiarize them with the requirements of industrial production.

Our engagement for the environment goes far beyond using raw materials capable of being recycled: All waste water from production is purified and treated by vacuum distillation equipment. This ensures that our production is virtually pollutant-free. And filling material for packaging is not simply thrown away; it is reused, whenever possible.

Our standard

Technical clean solutions to market driven prices.

Our service goal: Flexibility and adherence to schedules